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René Furterer Institute and Hair Salon

15, place de la Madeleine
Paris, France 75008




Phone: +33 1 42 65 30 60

Mon - Fri 9am - 7pm
Sat 9am - 6:30pm
(by appointment only)



Located in the heart of Paris, France, the René Furterer Institute and Hair Salon is an exclusive and refined institution dedicated to the care of a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Upon walking through the door, you enter a refined spa universe that offers personalized scalp and hair analysis, relaxing and revitalizing professional massages and treatments. Its salon boasts talented stylists whose haircuts and colors reflect the latest trends and fashions while accentuating every customer’s individual personality.

What makes your salon special?

René Furterer believes a healthy scalp is the secret to exceptionally beautiful hair, and the René Furterer Institute and Salon is dedicated to this principle.

At the René Furterer Institute, complete pampering begins with a scalp and hair analysis performed by trained experts. The analysis is used to design a personalized treatment program for your individual scalp and hair needs. Following analysis, you are treated to an invigorating and relaxing scalp massage. After just one visit to the René Furterer Institute, your scalp’s health is restored and beautiful, radiant hair is revealed.

Located on the upper floor, the René Furterer Salon offers privacy in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Stylists are trained in the most innovative techniques and customize every service to suit your hair needs.