Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

Consistent with privacy laws, including the California Privacy Rights Act, we give you rights regarding your personal data and information. Although some of these rights apply generally, certain rights will only apply to limited individuals or circumstances.

Please use either of the two methods of contact information below to exercise the available rights. Please use the "Data Subject Requests" form for requests to know and requests to delete.

Email us at:
Call us at: 844-545-2500

Rights Available

  1. Confirm whether we process your personal information.
  2. Delete certain personal information.
  3. Correct inaccuracies in your personal information, taking into account the information's nature processing purpose (excluding Iowa and Utah).
  4. Data portability.
  5. Opt-out of personal data processing for:
    • targeted advertising (excluding Iowa);
    • sales; or
    • profiling in furtherance of decisions that produce legal or similarly significant effects (excluding Iowa and Utah).
  6. Either limit (opt-out of) or require consent to process sensitive personal data.

For more information on these rights, including the right to opt out of the selling and sharing of information, please visit the Privacy Policy