René Furterer’s story takes root in Provence, France. Influenced by his grandmother, he became fascinated with botany at a very young age. Aware of the richness of flora and its fragrances, this visionary young hairdresser observed nature and a deep-seated belief was born in him: the beauty of hair, is inspired by that of plants. He understood that a head of hair flourishes from a scalp that is cared for, just as plants grow best in fertile, managed soil. He thus developed a method of scalp treatments and massages that would revolutionize hair care.

"I turned towards nature to try formulas that seemed likely to improve the general state of hair. I worked on the assumption that nature, with all of its riches, would provide me with inexhaustible resources."- Rene Furterer

a heritage

of expertise

Some years later, the young René Furterer was working as a hairdresser in his wife’s Parisian salon. At that time, women longed for the platinum curls of Marilyn Monroe, but no hair care products were available to repair the damage caused by so many styling techniques. The solution he devised was his Karité nourishing mask, which still today continues to revitalize and repair even the most damaged hair. He went on to create Complexe 5, a miraculous elixir of essential oils that has become an indispensable step in the beauty routine.
In 1957, René Furterer created a method he called Etheirology, an original philosophy built around a healthy scalp and beautiful hair (etheirology, from the Greek etheira, hair, and etheiro, to treat). He began practicing this approach in his first Hair Spa in Paris by developing a three-phase “Prepare, Cleanse, and Treat” method, which offers a custom treatment routine based on techniques carefully selected according to a sophisticated preliminary diagnosis.

the method



Essential oils stimulate the scalp to activate micro-cirulation and leave scalp more receptive to the treatment.


Key ingredients formulated to meet the needs of specific hair and scalp conditions.


Personalized product that nourishes deep down to reveal beautiful, healthy hair.

Timeless Heritage

The mastery of René Furterer gave rise to three key formulas now cult classics in the world of hair care.


Complexe 5

In 1957, a revolutionary essential oil based method of treatment and massage was born – Complexe 5. Complexe 5 is the core of our brand – a pre-cleanse is a vital step in any regimen.



Originally formulated to repair Marilyn-style platinum hair damaged by repeated bleaching, this mask remains a cult treatment today to revive and replenish even the driest hair.



32 years after the invention of Complexe 5, Rene Futerer released a drug-free, botanically-based thinning hair solution formulated with years of advanced research that instantly became a best-seller.